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A Great Cup of Joe - Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are places where coffee and tea are prepared and sold. In addition to traditional and specialty drinks, coffee shops also feature menus including light snacks, pastries, and sandwiches. Coffee shops are a bit different than caf├ęs, which, in addition to coffee, may also offer hot meals and possibly alcohol. Coffee shops offer more than just a great cup of Joe.

For many, coffee shops are the hub of social interaction. They provide a place to see and to be seen, provide a place for work and play. Coffee shops are local mainstays, where locals can gather, to talk, socialize, work, write, or just simply be. American coffee shops are often associated with smooth jazz, or acoustic music, which is usually heard playing in these establishments to set the mood. Coffee shops are particularly popular hangouts for teens and young adults, who might not yet be of legal age to go to a bar.

Grab a Coffee, Paper and a Snack

Coffee shops also serve a major purpose for the workforce. The modern coffee shop enjoys brisk business from business men and women who stop in routinely during their workday to grab a coffee, a paper, and perhaps a snack. More recently, many coffee shops, in a nod to the traditional purpose of coffee shop as being a place to facilitate communication, have begun offering Wi-fi internet access. Doing so has opened up a whole new venue for gamers, techies, and others to explore.

Coffee Shop Chains

There are several famous coffee shop chains in America, each offering signature blends, roast and specialty coffee and tea drinks. Starbucks, based in the United States, is a multinational chain, and the largest coffee shop company in the world. Not only does Starbucks offer specialty drinks in their shops, but they also enjoy the profits of offering their well known beverages, and other products in national grocery store chains.

Coffee shops play a unique role in pop culture. Updated offerings such as new coffee blends, trendy music and web access have served to revive the popularity of the common coffee shop. Coffee shops are everywhere. No matter what your taste preference, there is sure to be a coffee shop drink for you.