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Beer, Food, and Fun - Ale Houses

Ale Houses

The modern day taverns and pubs with a twist, ale houses are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Ale houses are unique bars that offer beer, food, and fun for all. Many ale houses offer their own signature microbrews, and often operate around a central theme. Locals and tourists alike are often drawn in to the irresistible charm ale houses exude.

Once the Hub of the Village

Ale houses historically served as the town center in old America. A place for the local men to gather and enjoy gentlemanâs sport along with a pint or two of beer, ale houses were indeed the place to be seen. Live entertainment was always offered in the evenings at the ale house, creating a banal atmosphere. Deals were sealed over cigars and games of darts. Men were prosecuted during makeshift trials. Ale houses, like British pubs and taverns, were the hub of any village and city.

Ale Houses and Local Culture

Todayâs ale houses still have darts. But there is much more. Many ale houses have adopted themes, and have developed menus, entertainment, and event schedules to reflect them. The themes of the ale houses in a particular area often mirror the local culture of the surrounding city. Have a game of pool with friends â or join in a trivia tournament with other patrons, as well as patrons at other ale houses and bars across the country! Come out on Monday nights to watch the big football game, or come out on college night to cheer your favorite university on to victory.

Modern Day Ale Houses

Many ale houses offer their own brews, in addition to more mainstream drinks. In fact, some ale houses are the spin off of local microbreweries, as an attempt to draw in more clientele, by offering a unique and cozy atmosphere in which to sample the various brews available. Some ale houses even offer specialty cigars, again catering to an elite audience, and creating a sense of glamour and privilege for all.

The modern day ale house is much more than just a sports bar. Ale houses offer food, drink and games for both young and old. They define the social scene, and thus have found a permanent niche in American society.